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    Got locked out of your car? Did you lose your key? Or do you have damaged locks?

    It’s time to call your reputable locksmiths in Markham.

    Roy’s Locks & Keys offer professional locksmith services in the city.

    We offer residential, commercial, and car locksmithing services, including lock installation, repair, and rekeying.

    Contact us today to learn more about how our skilled locksmiths can solve your lock and key issues.

    Consult with our team on how you can improve your security at home or the workplace.

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    What Do Locksmiths Do?

    When people hear the word locksmiths, the first thing that comes to mind is key duplication.

    Creating new keys and key copies are some services locksmiths are famous for.

    However, they do more than just fabricating keys.

    Locksmiths also deal with locks and security systems.

    They handle any type of lock, including door locks, padlocks, file cabinet locks, smart locks, and more.

    Experienced locksmiths offer installation, repair, and rekeying of virtually any lock and security device.

    Locksmiths can provide rescue for lockout incidents too.

    Expert locksmiths can give you access, whether you’re locked outside your house, business, or car in Markham.

    They have expert tools and devices that allow them to pick and unlock locks without causing damage.

    Key Cutting and Duplication

    Did you lose your key somewhere, or did it break out of the blue?

    This calls for the help of a certified locksmith.

    When it comes to key cutting and duplication, you must only trust an experienced technician.

    Cutting keys is a meticulous job that requires attention to detail.

    If you go to an amateur locksmith, you might not get a perfectly shaped key.

    Consequently, you’ll be unable to open your lock and essentially locked out.

    To guarantee you obtain the right key, you should go to a key specialist with years of experience.

    Reliable Lock Installation

    High-quality locks require proper installation to ensure the highest level of security.

    If not, the quality and durability of the hardware will only go to waste.

    Intruders can easily take advantage of poorly installed locks because they compromise your security.

    To prevent a traumatic break-in incident, you must call a locksmith for a professional lock installation.

    Experienced locksmiths specialize in installing durable locks like tubular, cylindrical, mortise, and deadbolt locks.

    With years of experience, they have mastered the process of lock installation.

    They can do it correctly and efficiently.

    Broken Lock Repair

    How old are your door locks?

    You’re probably unaware of your lock’s age like most people.

    As long as they’re working fine, they don’t concern you, right?

    But like other products, locks also deteriorate as they spend years safeguarding your home.

    The time will come when they will become worn and damaged.

    Call a locksmith for a lock repair service when you experience problems with your locking hardware.

    They can fix your lock and reinforce its security and reliability.

    Expert Lock Replacement and Rekeying

    A lock rekeying and replacement will benefit you by strengthening the security of your door locks.

    Through these services, people who can previously access your property will no longer have the right to enter.

    Their key will no longer work due to the lock change or rekeying.

    Here are several instances you’ll need a lock rekeying or replacement in Markham:

    • Losing a key
    • Your key got stolen
    • A roommate or employee moves out
    • You transferred into a new building
    • Moving into a previously tenanted unit
    • Installing a master key system
    • You experienced an intrusion

    In these cases, a rekeying or replacement service may be interchangeable.

    But rekeying is more practical than a lock change because it does not involve purchasing new hardware.

    Talk to your locksmiths to help you decide which service makes more sense.

    In case of a severely damaged lock, you have no choice but to replace the locking unit.

    24/7 Lockout Service in Markham

    Roy’s Locks & Keys comprises highly experienced locksmiths.

    Their extensive training and locksmith experience have made them reliable, especially during emergencies.

    Did you lock yourself out of your house?

    No problem! We are just a call away from providing you with an urgent lockout solution.

    No matter where you got stranded in Markham, outside your car, home, or office, we’ll be right with you in no time.

    We are available from Monday to Sunday, 24 hours a day.

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