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    Locking yourself out of your commercial building or office is inconvenient and bothersome.

    You could’ve been inside your workplace and doing your scheduled tasks today.

    But, no.

    Instead, you’re stuck outside wondering where you lost your keys and how to open your office door.

    This situation is not something you can handle on your own.

    You need the help of professional locksmiths to give you access to your place of work.

    Roy’s Locks & Keys consists of skilled commercial locksmiths for business lockouts.

    Call us now, and our mobile team will immediately drive to your place.

    We will arrive ready to provide a full range of locksmith services for your needs.

    Reliable Commercial Locksmiths Near Me

    Our company offers lock installation and repair, rekey, key duplication, and other locksmith solutions in Markham and surrounding areas.

    We have loyal customers throughout the area who have tried and tested our skills and timeliness in providing expert services.

    They keep our number on their speed dial and contact us right away for emergency responses.

    If you’re the type of person who always loses a key, then saving our emergency hotline on your contacts would be expedient.

    In this way, you can call us for our services when you experience a business lockout situation.

    No matter where your business is located, day or night, call our skilled locksmiths and we’ll arrive within minutes.

    Lost Keys

    Have you lost your office keys? Or did you leave it in your house which is miles away from your workplace?

    Don’t waste your time going back to your house and attempting to find your key.

    Contact your trusted locksmiths instead to help you solve your lost key problem.

    Roy’s Locks & Keys have a team of mobile locksmiths stationed in every corner of Markham.

    We’ll arrive at your location faster than when you drive back home.

    Our mobile team will come to your commercial space in no time to quickly unlock your door to access it.

    We’ll also rekey your business locks and replace your lost keys to guarantee your safety.

    Rekeying your locks will give you peace of mind that no unauthorized person can access your place.

    Broken Keys

    Old keys are prone to breakage and chipping.

    So, if you’ve been using the same office keys, you’ll likely catch yourself in a lockout situation due to damaged keys.

    You’re somehow luckier if your key breaks outside the lock.

    You can still unlock your office door as long as you have a spare key,

    But if the key snaps inside the lock cylinder, you’ll need professional help.

    In this case, you first have to get the broken key out of the lock before you can insert your key duplicate.

    But this process requires expert tools that only certified locksmiths have.

    Roy’s Locks & Keys has a complete kit of locksmith tools for such situations.

    We have key extraction devices to retrieve your broken key and key fabrication devices to make you a new one.

    Damaged Locks

    Like keys, locks also age and become susceptible to wear and tear.

    Locks that are years old have damaged and worn parts, deeming the hardware defective and substandard.

    You might just find yourself in a business lockout one day because your key no longer works on the lock.

    Or the hardware is stuck in the locked position and you didn’t bring your keys with you.

    Don’t let these things happen by replacing your old locks.

    We recommend you change them every seven years or as immediate as when you notice signs of defect.

    If you’re already in a business lockout, contact your local locksmiths to promptly unlock your door.

    They will provide you access to your workplace, and replace your locking hardware on demand.

    Same-Day Emergency Lockout

    Roy’s Locks & Keys are dedicated to ensuring that homeowners and business owners in Markham have access to their property.

    This is why we move quickly and efficiently to provide a timely lockout response.

    Our company has a mobile locksmith team with a heart for service.

    Day or night, you can depend on us to come to your place and unlock your locks for you.

    We also have car locksmiths if you lock yourself outside your vehicle.

    For reliable emergency locksmiths in Markham, remember our name, Roy’s Locks & Keys.

    Call us today for a same-day emergency lockout near me.

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