Peephole Installation

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    You may have seen a small, distinct hole on many exterior doors.

    This hole isn’t a defect on the door.

    It’s called a peephole, a vital security and safety measure for your property.

    Continue reading to learn more about this device.

    Roy’s Locks & Keys can install and repair door peepholes.

    We have expert locksmiths specializing in everything concerning locks, keys, and other security devices.

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    Everything You Should Know About Peepholes

    Spyhole, door hole, peephole, magic eye — these are other names of peepholes.

    A peephole is a hole in a door that is small enough to peek through.

    It allows the person inside the house to view the other side of the door without being noticed.

    That is to say, peepholes are only one-way.

    The person outside the door won’t be able to see your house interior and you peeking at the door hole.

    Peepholes are made of a fitted glass and lens to peep through the door.

    Fisheye lenses are commonly used to provide the viewer with a broader field of vision from the inside.

    Because of this, you must make sure that your peepholes are working correctly and in tip-top condition.

    Security Preventive Measure

    Peephole functions mainly to provide safety and security.

    It provides homeowners the power to see whoever is waiting outside the door.

    Because of this, the person indoors can decide whether to open the door or not.

    They can also prepare in case there’s imminent danger outside.

    Homeowners can call for security and help while being safe inside their homes.

    A Peephole Does Not Guarantee Security!

    Peepholes are only an accessory device to provide added safety to your property.

    It isn’t meant to replace high-security door locks and security systems.

    Just because you have a door hole doesn’t mean your home’s security is already guaranteed.

    You must pair a high-quality peephole with reliable locking hardware to enjoy maximum security and safety.

    Having a peephole will only go to waste if anyone can simply bypass your locks and unlock your door.

    Expert Peephole Installation

    When we say we can perform a wide range of locksmith solutions, we mean anything concerning doors, keys, and locks.

    Here at Roy’s Locks & Keys, we have highly experienced technicians who can perform peephole installation.

    You can trust our technician’s expertise to set up a reliable and easily visible door hole.

    Our locksmiths will perform everything precisely, from creating a hole in your door to ensuring that the lens fits perfectly.

    With your safety and security in mind, our team will guarantee that your peephole will work as intended.

    Damaged Peephole Repair and Maintenance

    Over time, peepholes can become covered in oil, grease, dust, and other nasty stuff.

    This can compromise your vision and render the peephole unusable.

    It can even scratch the door hole’s glass and lens and cause irremediable damage.

    You can try cleaning the peephole glass using a soft cloth.

    But for permanent damage, you need a reliable locksmith to fix the issue.

    Expert locksmiths can perform peephole replacement that is securely fitted to the hole.

    Reliable Peephole Locksmiths

    When it comes to peephole installation and repair, always trust the best ones in the industry.

    Locksmith services don’t stop at doors and locks.

    Part of the services we offer is peephole services like installation and repair.

    We are Roy’s Locks & Keys, one of the trusted locksmith specialists in Markham.

    We guarantee to provide high-quality peephole and customer service.

    Our team of locksmiths will not let you down.

    Same-Day Residential Markham Locksmiths

    Did you lock yourself out of your house?

    No problem!

    Roy’s Locks & Keys offer a 24-hr emergency locksmith in Markham.

    We have a mobile locksmith team equipped with complete tools to perform any service on demand.

    You only have to do one thing: call our emergency hotline.

    You can do this at any hour of the day, and we’ll still answer your call.

    Our locksmiths will go to your place, wherever and whenever.

    Call our local locksmith company now, and experience a fast and immediate response in Markham.

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