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    Are you moving into a new home?

    Having a house built from the ground up?

    Or simply need a change in your home’s security features?

    A lock change service is precisely what you need.

    Roy’s Locks & Keys offer reliable lock replacement, repair, and rekeying in Markham.

    We have professional locksmiths with decades of combined experience.

    No matter what lock or security device you want to install, our expert team can handle it.

    Give us a call, and we’ll give you free price estimates for our services.

    We can get your locks changed within the day or on your scheduled appointment.

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    When Should You Change Locks?

    The average lifespan of door locks is seven years.

    Locks are reliable and highly secure in those years, but they will slowly wear out after that age.

    As a consequence, old and damaged locks will jeopardize your access and security.

    Our expert locksmiths recommend you replace locks every seven years.

    However, there are cases wherein you need to change locks earlier than that.

    Different reasons can compel you to change your door locks.

    This includes the following:

    Moving into a New Place

    One of the most common ones is moving into a new place.

    Locks are already in place when you relocate into a new home, whether newly built or previously tenanted.

    However, there’s no assurance that the locks are reliable and secure.

    The old owner, construction company, or real estate agent may also have keys to your locks.

    For your peace of mind, it’s better to change or rekey locks.

    Damaged Locks

    Another reason to change locks is when it has been severely damaged.

    Over time, locks and security products decline.

    Aging can compromise their reliability and effectiveness.

    While expert locksmiths can fix damaged locks, replacing the locking hardware is more practical and secure.

    In this case, you’ll rest assured that you have a new and reliable lock with utmost security.

    Break-In Experience

    A break-in incident indicates that you have substandard security in your house.

    If the intruders enter by forcing the door lock to open, that lock is probably defunct afterward and needs replacement.

    A home invasion is a traumatic experience.

    You must do your best to avoid going through the same turmoil again.

    Hence, you will benefit from lock change services that will increase your home’s security.

    You can ask your locksmiths to install advanced and cutting-edge locks and security products to strengthen your security at home.

    Set Up a Master Key System

    A master key system is a set-up where a single key can open multiple locks in your house.

    To achieve this, your door locks must be of the same brand or type.

    Thus, the first thing you must do to set up a master key is to ensure the locks in your house are similar.

    You might need to change locks in this step.

    Afterward, a locksmith will rekey these locks so they can be operated using the same key.

    Professional Lock Replacement

    Roy’s Locks & Keys is composed of professional lock installers with years of experience.

    Our skilled locksmiths can handle a wide range of lock change services, including cylindrical locks, deadbolts, and mortise locks.

    We can also replace multiple locks in one visit.

    Our team will do it quickly and efficiently to get the job done as soon as possible.

    Apart from this, we also assure you that we will only install high-security locks.

    Our skilled locksmiths have carefully selected our products to make sure they offer exceptional security.

    Our locks are made of high-quality materials, guaranteed to be durable and reliable.

    24/7 Emergency Locksmiths

    Do you need an urgent lock change for your house or place of business?

    Roy’s Locks & Keys is your most reliable locksmith company for emergency locksmiths.

    Our team understands how crucial it is to have a high-quality lock for security.

    Because of this, we make it a habit to quickly respond to our client’s needs.

    We are always available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to provide prompt and timely locksmith responses.

    Call us today to inquire about the rates for our Markham locksmith solutions.

    You can book with us for a future appointment or call us for an emergency locksmith.

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