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    Door locks are vital to keeping your property secure.

    They control who can access your home or business – only those with keys to these places can enter.

    Because of the importance of door locks, you must choose them wisely.

    There are many different types of locks available in the market, and at least one will suit your needs and lifestyle.

    You must select exterior door locks that are highly secure, durable, and easy to operate.

    In this way, you don’t only guarantee your security but also safety when you need to evacuate the premises quickly.

    Roy’s Locks & Keys offer you our expertise in locksmith and security solutions.

    We’ll recommend you high-security locks and install them ourselves.

    Call our professional locksmith company today for free price estimates.

    Our line is open 24/7 to provide you with emergency locksmith solutions in Markham.

    Residential Door Lock Installation

    You cannot have safety without security.

    In your home, you rely on doors and their accompanying door locks to keep you safe from the outdoors.

    It keeps unauthorized people from invading your property and accessing your valuables.

    Let our locksmiths handle your security needs through residential door lock installation.

    We supply a wide selection of high-quality door locks, from cylindrical locks to deadbolts, mortise locks, and more.

    Our qualified locksmiths are also skilled at installing locks properly, with your welfare and security in mind.

    With durable and correctly-installed locks, you’ll enjoy the highest level of security inside your home.

    Your mind will also be at ease whenever you leave the house unattended.

    Commercial Door Lock Installation

    Your place of business also needs a high level of security to protect your employees, clients, and assets.

    If you’ve recently relocated your business to another place, you need a new lock installation to ensure security.

    You also need commercial door lock installation to replace damaged hardware or upgrade to the latest security devices.

    Installing durable door locks will keep everyone’s mind untroubled while in the workplace.

    They will keep your employees focused and productive on the job and retain your clients.

    Highly-secure door locks will also safeguard resources in your place of business, including facilities and essential documents.

    In turn, this will help your business grow and succeed.

    Lock Repair

    Roy’s Locks & Keys can repair all kinds of lock and security hardware.

    A lock repair service is more cost-effective than lock replacement, where you have to buy new hardware.

    Our skilled locksmiths will do their best to salvage defective locks rather than recommending costly replacements.

    With our expertise and locksmith skills, we can make your door locks like new once more.

    This means it will last more years without needing another repair service or replacement.

    Lock Rekeying Service

    When do you need a rekeying lock service?

    Lock rekeying is a vital security measure whenever you’ve recently transferred into a new place.

    It is a process where locksmiths change the interior lock pins of the hardware so that you need a new key.

    Thus, you restrict previous tenants from accessing your home or business by rekeying door locks.

    Even if your building is newly built, you must rekey to deprive your realtor or construction company of access.

    Another reason for a lock rekey service is lost keys.

    Losing a key can be frustrating because you’re locked out of your property.

    You must find a spare key to regain access.

    On top of this, you also need to rekey your locks for your security and peace of mind.

    Your lost key may fall into the hands of a bad guy and access your home without your knowledge.

    To ascertain your safety and security, rekey your locks immediately after you unlock your door.

    Emergency Lockout Service in Markham

    Roy’s Locks & Keys is your emergency locksmith company in Markham.

    We provide urgent lockout solutions to people who have locked themselves out of their residences or business.

    Our mobile locksmiths have their complete kit of tools ready to provide you with any service on the spot.

    We keep our line open all the time, so don’t hesitate to contact us.

    Our experienced locksmiths are ready to lend a helping hand, day or night.

    Call our emergency hotline today, and experience quick and efficient locksmith services in Markham.

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