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    Like any other product, door locks age and deteriorate over time.

    As it happens, its effectiveness and security dwindle.

    Damaged locks can compromise your safety and security.

    It can also put you in danger when you need to enter your home or evacuate the premises quickly.

    Or, you can lock yourself out due to defective locks.

    Whatever the consequence, one thing is sure — you have a damaged lock, and you must repair or change it.

    Fortunately, you don’t have to look very far for a trustworthy locksmith to fix your locks.

    Roy’s Locks & Keys offer door lock repair services in Markham.

    Our skilled locksmiths can do the job within the day to restore your security and access in a timely manner.

    Dial our local number today, so we can deploy our mobile team of expert locksmiths to help you.

    Sticky and Frozen Locks Repair

    Do you often twitch the key inside the lock to open your door?

    You might be experiencing sticky or frozen locks.

    This usually happens when there is damage to the lock components due to rust, natural wearing, or extremely low temperatures.

    The result is a lock that is difficult to operate, even with the correct key.

    Don’t wait for the worst to happen; get your locks fixed by a professional locksmith.

    They will fix your locking hardware and guarantee it will work seamlessly as if the lock was new.

    Broken Key inside the Lock

    A broken key stuck inside your door lock will leave you with an unusable lock.

    You must retrieve the broken key before inserting another key to unlock your door.

    Keys can break because of many reasons.

    Perhaps you keep dropping your keys or have old ones that have become frail over the years.

    Forcing the key to turn inside the lock cylinder could have worsened the condition, resulting in a broken key.

    Call your emergency locksmith immediately for key extraction and lockout service.

    They will take out the key fragment, unlock your door, fix your damaged door lock, and give you a new key.

    Misaligned Door Latch

    A door latch not aligned with the strike plate will pose a serious problem for you.

    It means your door will not close and lock to keep your home secure from unauthorized access.

    This results from improperly installed doors and lock hardware.

    In this case, you need professional help to realign the door to the frame and the latch to the strike plate.

    Professional locksmiths will reinstall components of your locking device to ensure its proper installation.

    Loose Door Locks and Knobs

    A door lock consists of various movable parts.

    After many years, you’ll notice that your door knobs and locking device are not as tight as when they were new.

    Loose locks are a normal thing to happen due to aging and natural wear and tear.

    While this isn’t a significant issue, repairing loose door knobs will ensure their condition and proper functioning.

    If you don’t attend to the problem, your lock will fall apart, ending in poor security.

    Thus, you must adjust and tighten the screws that mount the hardware to secure your lock into place.

    Turning Lock Cylinder

    Lock cylinders aren’t supposed to turn with the key.

    They must stay in place while the key turns inside the tube.

    A turning lock cylinder stems from damaged or loose set screws.

    It can cause accidental lockouts since you won’t be able to unlock your door, no matter how hard you turn the key.

    Another problem with a faulty cylinder is you might not be able to lock your door, which jeopardizes your security.

    Give us a call if you experience a turning lock cylinder.

    We’ll fix the problem and repair your door lock for you.

    Door Lock Installation in Markham

    A professional lock repair can restore your locking hardware, so you don’t have to buy a new one.

    But, we recommend changing locks every seven years to ensure the reliability and security your lock offers.

    Additionally, some lock damages cannot be repaired.

    If you attempt to fix it, you might risk your home’s security and your family’s safety.

    It’s better to contact your trusted locksmith for an expert door lock installation rather than a repair service.

    Call Roy’s Locks & Keys today for same-day lock repair or replacement in Markham.

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