Panic Bar Door Lock

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    You probably have seen a pushable metal bar on emergency exits of malls, offices, and other establishments.

    This is a panic bar, and it is an essential safety and security measure for buildings.

    If you want to learn more about this type of door hardware, keep reading this article.

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    What is a Panic Bar?

    Every emergency exit must have a securely-installed panic bar.

    Panic bars go by many names — crash bars, exit bars, emergency push bars, panic hardware, and panic bar door locks.

    It is a metal bar installed in the exit door for quick egress during times of crisis.

    A panic bar can be operated by pushing.

    This process retracts the door latch to unlock the door.

    Since the door swings outward, pushing causes it to open to provide occupants ease of evacuation during emergencies.

    Do You Need A Panic Bar?

    Several occasions have proven the importance and reliability of panic bars.

    Fires, earthquakes, and bomb threats are some examples of frustrating events that require people to evacuate the premises as soon as possible.

    They cause people to panic and hurry out of the building.

    Because of this, they need a quick way to exit the building.

    The mechanism of panic bar door locks lets people egress without any difficulty.

    On the contrary, other types of locks are difficult to maneuver and operate during times of panic.

    Thus, as a property owner or manager, you should call a locksmith for a reliable panic bar installation.

    Are Panic Bars Secure?

    So panic bars offer a quick way to exit the building; do they also provide a quick way in?

    The answer is no, and the reason lies behind the installation of the metal push bar.

    Panic bars are installed only on one side of the door.

    There is no push bar on the outside of the door, so people can’t easily get in.

    Hence, people on the other side are unable to enter the building premises unless they have a key.

    Thus, panic bar door locks are highly secure, safe, and reliable during quick evacuations.

    Add-On Alarm System

    You can install additional safety and security features such as an alarm system.

    This way, everyone will be alerted whenever someone tries to get into your building through the emergency exits.

    At the same time, you’ll also be notified when you need to exit the building fast.

    The alarm system will turn on in any of these cases.

    Locksmith Panic Bar Repair

    If you already have a panic bar installed, chances are you don’t pay attention to it.

    Perhaps the last time you checked the condition of your panic bar lock was during its installation.

    Like other products, panic bars wear away and lose their durability.

    If you don’t maintain them regularly, you might not be able to use them when you need them the most.

    Experienced locksmiths cater for a panic bar repair service.

    They will assess your panic bar’s condition and reliability to ensure they work well.

    They will then proceed to fix and replace parts of the panic bar system that needs repair.

    24-Hour Markham Locksmith Solutions

    Not to scare you, but emergencies can happen at any time.

    Is your building equipped with a dependable panic bar that will allow everyone to exit safely?

    If not, call Roy’s Locks & Keys.

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    We are available at all times, so you can contact us for any service you need to be done right away.

    Our extensively trained locksmiths will provide you with a same-day panic bar installation and repair to ensure your safety.

    They will work efficiently and correctly.

    They will make sure that your panic bar door lock is reliable during disasters.

    Call us now to provide you with a free quotation for our lock installation and repair.

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