Door Closer Installation

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    Door closers are the hardware that allows for swing doors to close automatically.

    This is perfect if you want your door to stay closed at all times.

    A door closing device will immediately shut the door after someone passes through it.

    No need to get off your bed or office chair to constantly close your door.

    Thus, an automatic door closer will make your life easier.

    Learn more about mechanical and automatic door closers and how they can help you at home or in the workplace.

    If you need door closer installation in Markham, trust Roy’s Locks & Keys.

    We are a reputable locksmith company with years of experience providing exceptional customer service.

    Our emergency locksmiths can provide you with same-day installation and repair of door closers.

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    What is a Door Closer?

    You have most likely seen a door closer in various places.

    It is a device set up on top of doors to allow them to close on their own.

    The door closer is made up of an arm and body.

    It is mounted to the door and the frame.

    It operates via springs, so the door returns to its original shut position.

    One amazing thing about door closing hardware is they move in a controlled manner.

    It acts like a stopper so the door will not swing heavily and crash with the door frame.

    Thus, you can expect your door to close as smoothly and quietly as possible.

    Advantages of Installing a Door Closer

    First of all, a door closer offers convenience.

    You don’t have to stand up and walk towards your door whenever a visitor forgets to shut it.

    Thanks to the mechanical door closing device, the door will close on its own.

    Second, a mechanical door closer promotes sustainability and energy efficiency.

    Keeping the door closed will reduce airflow and heat transfer between your room and the outdoor air.

    Your room will stay cool or warm, and your HVAC system will not be exhausted.

    In the end, you can save tons of money on your monthly energy bills.

    Door closers that are connected to a fire alarm system also guarantee everyone’s safety.

    Doors always in the open position will shut immediately when the fire alarm is triggered.

    This safety feature can prevent accidents and disasters from causing harm and trouble in the building.

    Above all, a door closing device offers reliable security by keeping doors impervious to external access.

    Professional Door Closer Installation in Markham

    Are you thinking about installing a door closer?

    Let us know when you’re finally getting one.

    Here at Roy’s Locks & Keys, no locksmith service is too difficult for us.

    We can provide you with an efficient door closer installation in Markham to ensure your safety, security, and convenience.

    Our skilled locksmiths will make sure to choose a heavy-duty and reliable door closer to ensure its function and longevity.

    We’ll also perform the installation process correctly to ensure that the hardware is safe to use and operate.

    Door Closer Repair

    In case of a damaged door closer, Roy’s Locks & Keys can also be of service.

    We specialize in repairing door closers, locks, peepholes, and other accessory devices.

    Whether your mechanical closer has a damaged spring, broken arm, or a defective mechanism, we’ll fix it for you.

    You can count on us to fix the problem and get your door closer to functioning correctly again.

    If there’s already been irreparable damage, we’ll happily replace your closing device.

    In this way, you’ll enjoy a brand new door closer that is more reliable.

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