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    Evictions are often chaotic and spiteful.

    Some evicted tenants make a scene that troubles other people and make them feel unsafe.

    If you’re a property owner or manager, you’re responsible for keeping the safety and security of your establishment.

    One of your duties is to keep unauthorized people outside your property and make sure they don’t come back.

    In line with this role, you must contact a professional locksmith during evictions.

    A locksmith will assist you in safeguarding your property from evicted tenants.

    Call Roy’s Locks & Keys anytime for same-day locksmith eviction services.

    Our highly trained locksmiths are always available to provide our experience in locksmithing to property managers in Markham.

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    What Do Locksmiths Do During Evictions?

    Locksmiths are a vital player during evictions.

    They work with the landlord or property manager to provide access and ensure security in the property.

    There are instances wherein tenants keep their doors locked to evade the displacement process.

    This locks out the landlord and other people so that they can’t enter the evicted tenant’s unit.

    Eviction locksmiths will professionally pick the lock to gain access to the property.

    They will also prevent the tenant from returning later through a lock rekey or replacement service.

    Apart from this, lock specialists can also provide landlords with total key control over their properties.

    They can set up a master key system or provide property managers with key copies to access each lock in the establishment.

    Emergency Lockout Service

    When evicting a tenant, you can count on Roy’s Locks & Keys for a same-day lockout service.

    Our mobile team is always willing and prepared with their locksmithing tools.

    We have skilled locksmiths who specialize in gaining access to properties through professional lockpicking.

    With expert tools, we can unlock a wide range of locking devices and make sure nothing gets damaged.

    Our 24/7 availability will allow you to receive our lockout solution within the hour.

    You call us for an eviction lockout, and we’ll immediately send our mobile locksmiths your way.

    We will provide you with access to your property as soon as we arrive at your place.

    Professional Lock Rekey

    Evicted tenants must not have access to their old units.

    They shouldn’t come back to your place for whatever reason.

    Thus, eviction locksmiths will rekey the tenant’s door locks to ensure your peace of mind.

    Rekeying means the skilled locksmith will change the pins inside the door lock cylinder.

    This process causes the lock to require a new key with matching grooves to unlock.

    Thus, the tenant’s old key will no longer operate the rekeyed lock, and he will be unable to re-enter his old unit.

    Lock Replacement

    In some cases, a lock replacement may be more practical.

    If the locks are old, damaged, and defective, you must opt for a lock change instead of rekeying.

    Perhaps, your existing door locks are already more than seven years old.

    Or you have broken locks that are difficult to open.

    You could take advantage of the eviction process and upgrade your locking devices to heavy-duty ones.

    This can strengthen your property’s security and keep everyone’s mind at peace.

    Master Key System

    Property managers usually need a master key to unlock a wide range of locks in their establishment.

    In a master key system, each lock has a key that unlocks it.

    The sub-master key accounts for the individual room owner’s keys.

    At the same time, one key, called the master key, can unlock all these locks.

    Only the landlord or property manager must have this key to have exclusive access to all the property units.

    Qualified locksmiths can set up a master key system for apartments, condominiums, and other properties.

    They will first replace the master locks to ensure they are of a similar type.

    Then, they will rekey them so that the sub-master and the master key can unlock them.

    Same-Day Eviction Locksmiths in Markham

    Are you a landlord going through an eviction process?

    Call our reliable Markham locksmith company for same-day eviction locksmith services.

    We are Roy’s Locks & Keys, professional locksmiths specializing in residential and commercial evictions.

    Our locksmiths will provide you with a wide range of expert locksmith solutions to ensure your safety, security, and access to your property.

    Feel free to contact us any time, Monday through Sunday, for emergency locksmith needs.

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