Deadbolt Installation

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    Deadbolts are durable and high-security door locks.

    You can depend on this lock for your home or business security.

    The makeup and mechanism of deadbolts are what make the hardware reliable.

    It has a bolt that requires a key to unlock from the outside.

    You can also access it through the thumb turn from inside your house.

    Deadbolts do not operate via springs.

    This means you cannot jimmy the locks to force them open.

    You must install deadbolt locks on sturdy doors like hardwood and fiberglass for better security.

    If you need a deadbolt installation in Markham, contact Roy’s Locks & Keys.

    We are a trusted distributor and installer of high-security deadbolts in your area.

    Call us today, and we’ll provide same-day lock installation for residential or commercial buildings.

    High-Security Deadbolt Locks

    You shouldn’t be complacent about your property’s security.

    Your house or business must be adequately equipped with sturdy and durable exterior doors to prevent break-ins.

    On top of this, you must also set up security hardware and devices.

    This will give everyone peace of mind that they are in a safe and secure space.

    At Roy’s Locks & Keys, we only install highly reliable door locks.

    Through our years of experience in locksmithing, our technicians can identify high-quality locks from substandard ones.

    We guarantee you that the quality of our deadbolts is incomparable.

    They can withstand attempts to bypass your home security and invade your property.

    Thus, you’ll feel at ease that your family and everything you worked hard for are well-protected.

    Advantages of Deadbolts

    Why should you install deadbolts?

    We’ve asked our certified locksmiths why they recommend installing deadbolts for your exterior doors.

    Deadbolts have a reliable mechanism against forced entries and attacks.

    Since they are not spring-loaded, they cannot be easily jimmied with makeshift devices such as a metal bar.

    You have to unlock the hardware using the correct key or open it from the inside through the thumb turn.

    Double cylinder deadbolts offer higher security than single cylinder ones because they don’t have a thumb turn.

    You also need a key to unlock the door from the inside.

    If a key is not working for you, keyless deadbolts are also available.

    It has a built-in keypad where you simply input the right combination, and the door will unlock for you.

    Disadvantages of Deadbolts

    While deadbolts offer sound security, you must pair them with a robust door.

    If not, the substandard door will compromise the security of the locking device.

    Intruders can break into your home by destroying the door frame or reaching the thumb turn located inside.

    Double cylinder deadbolts also have their downside.

    Because it requires a key to open from inside, it does not allow occupants to exit the premises quickly.

    This is problematic during emergencies when you must immediately evacuate your home or commercial building.

    Thus, it’s important you consider your unique needs and preferences when choosing a lock for your property.

    More than being secure, your locks must also be safe and accessible, especially during times of panic and crisis.

    Lock Replacement and Repair Markham

    Roy’s Locks & Keys offer deadbolt replacement and repair near me.

    Our skilled locksmiths know how to correctly and efficiently replace deadbolts to ensure your property’s exceptional security.

    We can also fix and salvage defective deadbolts to save you from a costly deadbolt replacement service.

    Once we finish installing and repairing your deadbolt locks, we’ll evaluate your exterior door security.

    Our professional locksmiths will make sure you have excellent door security to keep intruders and unwelcome guests out.

    If you have impaired and malfunctioning locks, don’t wait for the time you lock yourself out of your house.

    Contact your trusted locksmith near me to replace your locks and security hardware.

    We offer same-day lock replacement and repair in Markham and its surrounding areas.

    Professional Locksmith Company Near Me

    Roy’s Locks & Keys offer a full range of locksmith solutions.

    We have residential, commercial, and car locksmiths to handle your lock and key concerns.

    Check out the services we offer:

    • Lock installation and replacement
    • 24/7 lockout service for homes, cars, and business
    • Residential and commercial lock repair
    • Lock rekeying services
    • Transponder key programming
    • Master key services
    • Any locksmith solutions on demand

    Call our expert locksmith team today, and we’ll provide you with free price quotations.

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