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    Do you have old and damaged locks you’ve been planning to replace months ago?

    Quit postponing the job, and let professional locksmiths handle it for you.

    When it comes to lock installation, you must only trust the experts.

    Roy’s Locks & Keys offer a wide range of lock and security devices for homes and commercial spaces.

    We specialize in lock replacement, rekeying, and repair to provide our clients with the highest level of security.

    Our skilled locksmiths will operate quickly and systematically to install your new door locks.

    We will ensure that it is correctly set up to safeguard your home and protect your family against forced entries.

    Are you ready to level up your home’s security?

    Contact our Markham locksmith company today to get a free quote for our services.

    We offer same-day locksmith solutions, so feel free to contact us for your urgent concerns.

    When Do You Need Lock Replacement?

    A lock replacement is not something you must do every year unless the situation calls for it.

    It is not a practical solution in case you simply want to increase your security.

    Sometimes, a lock repair and rekey service will do the job.

    Because of this, you must consult with your trusted locksmith first before having your locks replaced.

    At our company, we want to know first your reason for needing a lock replacement service.

    Our expert locksmiths will help you choose the most cost-effective method to secure your home better.

    Here are some reasons you need a lock change service:

    • You have an old and worn-out lock.
    • You’ve recently experienced a break-in incident.
    • You want to upgrade locks into something newer and more advanced.
    • You want to set up a master key system for your property.

    While lock replacement doesn’t need to be yearly, you must still change your lock hardware after some time.

    Our professional locksmiths recommend you replace your hardware every seven years to guarantee dependable security.

    To Replace or Rekey? That is the question.

    Rekeying a lock is an affordable alternative to lock replacement.

    It is practical and cost-effective, especially if your locks are still in perfect shape.

    In a lock rekeying service, a skilled locksmith will alter the internal configuration of the hardware.

    It means the old key will no longer work on the rekeyed lock, and you need a new key to access it.

    This is a practical solution to ensure security when you’ve recently settled into a new place.

    Rekeying your locks will deprive previous tenants, realtors, and the construction company of access to the locks.

    Only you and the people you entrust a key copy can unlock your door locks.

    Lock rekeying is also more reasonable than replacement when a roommate or employee moves out.

    They can no longer come back inside the premises because their old key will no longer work.

    Durable and Reliable Door Locks

    If you need a lock replacement in Markham, you can count on Roy’s Locks & Keys.

    We offer a wide range of locks and security hardware to strengthen your home or business’s security.

    Our locksmiths have an eye for durable and high-quality locks.

    That’s why we only distribute and install the best locks from world-renowned suppliers of locks and security products.

    Our reliable door locks are made of high-quality steel that cannot be jimmied or broken easily.

    With exceptional locking hardware paired with our locksmith’s expertise, you’ll enjoy the ultimate security for your household and business.

    This security translates to your family’s safety and your peace of mind whenever you leave your house.

    Professional Damaged Lock Repair

    Damaged door locks can compromise your safety and security at home.

    People who attempt to break into your home will be lucky if you only have substandard locks to protect you.

    If you notice signs of wear and defect on your locks, make sure you contact your trusted locksmith right away.

    Roy’s Locks & Keys will troubleshoot your locks within the same day to restore their effectiveness.

    We’ll do our best to repair your locks so you don’t need to buy new hardware and pay for installation.

    And if your locks are irreparable, we’ll gladly replace them.

    Our highly trained locksmiths will help you choose a new lock that suits your needs, lifestyle, and budget.

    Call us today, and let’s talk about your new and improved locks for your security.

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